Avonia papyracea - 20 seeds

Avonia papyracea - 20 seeds


This species is the most common, largest and stoutest of the Avonia group (the paper scale covered Anacampseros). These unusual, plants have relatively large diameter stems (5-6 mm) compared with other members of the genus and develop a mass of miniature branching erect or creeping stems (Maximum size 5-10 (15) cm long). When grown from seed, produces branches from the top of tuber-like roots pulled down into the ground.

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It has minute green leaves which are each protected and hidden by very closely imbricated and pure white, papery stipule, a characteristic of the Avonia genus. This bright white scales certainly reflect a large fraction of the visible solar radiation contributing to protect the plants from the blazing sun of their bare habitat.

Although regarded as a choice and difficult plant, in cultivation it is relatively easy. Plants grow very slowly and requires careful cultivation.
Since roots are quite shallow, use a cactus mix or add extra perlite or pumice to regular soil potting soil. A gritty, very free-draining compost is suitable, and clay pots help the plants to dry out between watering. For best results, use a shallow pot, and only use the smallest diameter pot that will accommodate the plant. Water normally in the growing season  from March to October, keep dry in winter. Feed with a high potassium liquid fertilizer  in summer. It is quite frost resistant if kept dry, hardy as low as -5° C. 
Sun Exposure: Light shade to full sun. High levels of light are needed to flower and for good plant development.
Seed germinate at 15-21 °C