Prince Albert Vygie - 20 seeds

Prince Albert Vygie - 20 seeds


Bijlia dilatata (Bijlia cana), commonly known as the Prince Albert vygie, is a dwarf mesemb, a leaf succulent growing only a few branches at ground level. Sparse rosettes are formed by the leaf pairs that are decussate, i.e. growing opposite each other, succeeding the previous pair in perpendicular position.

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Perennial clumping, mat forming succulents.
Leaves: Fleshy smooth 12-15 mm wide and 30 mm long. Every year a few new leaves grow from the central stem. 
Flowers: Many petaled daisy-like up to 25 mm (or more) in diameter, golden yellow, long lasing organized in groups of 1 to 3. Calyx with 5 sepals

Bijlia is easy to grow. These plants grow on winter rain and were heading for summer dormancy. Requires little water otherwise its epidermis breaks (resulting in unsightly scars). Water minimally in summer, only when the plant starts shrivelling but will generally grow even in summer if given water. Requires good drainage. Keep cool and shaded in summer, need full sun or light shade. Hardy to -2°C