Greenovia diplocycla - 20 seeds

Greenovia diplocycla - 20 seeds


Greenovia are tiny little plants, only about 6 inches tall at maturity. They are found in the eastern and western parts of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. The wild plants are in danger due to over collection and tourist activities. They are squat bodied, grayish green plants that often have a rose tinge at the edges of the leaves. The leaves are fleshy, smooth, oval to paddle shaped and layered upon another, just as rose petals nestle against themselves. By the time rose-shaped greenovia is mature, the lowest older petals pull away from the main body a bit and develop a soft sandy, pink tone. Over time, the plant can produce pups, or offsets, which you can divide away from the mother for easy new plants.

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1. Sowing of Aeonium, Greenovias is very easy. All species can be virtually grown in any substrate, which should be very well draining and rather pH-neutral. create a substrate mixing cactus mix and peat (equal parts). In general the substrate should be inorganic.
2. The best moment to plant is in spring. If you are going to plant it in another season of the year make sure that the temperature is warm and there is sunlight.
During winter you must use strong artificial lights preferably 15-16 hours a day.
3. Sow the dust-like seeds very thin and evenly on the substrate's surface. Do not cover seeds with soil. Be carefull, If too many seeds are sowed these numerous seedlings will suppress each other in growth.
4. Fill the container with soil and water it. Add plenty of water and leave the container, so that the water has some time to decant.
5. Gently spread the seeds all over the substrate. You must not bury the seeds or press them hard. Moist them a bit more with a fine spray.
6. Cover the pot with plastic wrap or put it in a plastic bag to keep air humidity. Do not open it until successful germination.
If there is enough humidity inside bags there will be no need to open it and water again.
6. Maintain temperature of 20°C-25°C (68°F-76°F) but during the night it can go down to 15°C (59°F). Temperatures above 25°C will inhibit germination for seeds will enter a heat induced
dormancy till they may eventually germinate with decreasing temperatures. Germination occursquite fast and evenly within some 7 to 21 days.
7. Keep the seed tray or the pot in a light shadowy place during the growing phase, never let dry out the soil completely.
8. Once the seedlings are accustomed to the sun (gradually) is time to transplant - only transplant the most vigorous and most robust
9. Buy seeds only on reputable sources, like On Ebay, Wish, Ali you will usually find cheap and fake seeds.

Greenovia is an infrequent flowering plant and there is evidence that it is monocarpic. This means it will flower once, eventually, and then die after it sets seed. If your plant flowers and doesn’t have pups, this is bad news. You may certainly collect and plant the seed, but as with most succulents, you will have to wait years for any identifiable form. The rose-shaped succulent called Greenovia dodrentalis does bloom more frequently than other greenovia without dying. Bag the heads to catch seed and sow indoors in shallow trays. Use a spray bottle to water the tiny seedlings initially. Transplant them to larger containers when you can identify several sets of leaves. Use a gritty potting soil and a well-drained pot. A faster, more immediate way to enjoy new greenovia is to use a sharp knife and divide away the pups at the base of the plant. Install them in clean soil and treat them as you would the adult.