Dwarf tiger jaw - 20 seeds

Dwarf tiger jaw - 20 seeds


Faucaria gratiae (syn: Faucaria hooleae) is one of the smallest member of this genus. It grows in small compact clusters with leaves more or less erect, spreading only when pressed by a subsequent leaf. Leaves are short shiny greyish green, often red-tinged, with many small dots. F. hooleae is a spectacular show plant when well grown.

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Sow Faucaria seeds in spring or fall because they grow during these months, apart from that, the temperature in March, April, and September are ideal for the germination of the seeds.

The Faucaria grows very easy, though, it is recommendable that the soil to use should be a combination of pumice and sand to obtain better results. If you are unable to find pumice, try with another organic material, in case you do not find pumice, try with another organic material, use cactus mix (as the last option). Do not forget to sterilize the substrate. An optional step is heating the soil for two hours at 21º C (70º F) and leave it for a week.

Proceed to fill the pot with the substrate, and moist it. When doing this, remember that the soil must be moist not soaked or wet. Spread the seeds over the substrate and spray them with water.

Cover the pot with clear plastic, a white paper, a glass sheet, or with a plastic bag. This process should last seven days. When the seedlings appear, remove the cover and let them enjoy of fresh air. It is vital that you put the little plants in direct sun lights a few minutes every day until they get accustomed to the sunlight. Do not forget to do this gradual, for example, the first week only five minutes then increase the time the next week, and so on. If you don’t do it like that, the seedlings will get burn.