Schwantesia loeschiana - 20 seeds

Schwantesia loeschiana - 20 seeds


Schwantesia loeschiana is a small, cushion forming, low growing, stemless, leaf succulent. It forms a compact tuft of pale grey to dusty green or bluish leaves, fused at the base. Leaves are fat, succulent, up to 1.4 inches (3.5 cm) long. Margin are sharp, often reddish. The new leaves appear from within the old leaf pair fissure which gives the impression of the plant having sets of alternate appressed leaves. Its flowers are single, on a short peduncle, yellow and up to 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter.

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The basics of Mesemb care are very simple, with free-draining soil, plenty of sun and ventilation, and regular light watering in the right season. Yet the difficulties are endless, trying to adapt to the Mesembs’ own adaptability and to follow their growth habits in your particular conditions.

Mesembs require a loam-based compost with the addition of extra drainage material such as horticultural grit or perlite. They all like good light conditions and plenty of ventilation.

Some are relatively cold-hardy and can even survive mild winters outside. Most will survive temperatures down to freezing point. There are some Mesembs which begin to grow in the autumn as the temperature drops and the days get shorter.

Because different genera within the Mesemb family have different growing conditions, care mast be taken with watering. Some genera will benefit from a light spray water to prevent shrivelling during their dormant period