Sempervivum heuffelii - 20 seeds

Sempervivum heuffelii - 20 seeds

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Sempervivum, also known as “houseleeks” or “hen and chick” plants, are among the most popular succulents. They are exceptionally hardy plants and seem to thrive in cold and hot, low light or strong light. They are closely related to echeveria, kalanchoe, and crassula, which all belong to the Crassulaceae family. There is a very wide variety of sempervivum, and they are easily pressed into service as beautiful mixed-dish gardens.

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  • Light: Full sun. Perfect for a sunny window.

  • Water: Water during the summer and spring, making sure drainage is immaculate. Reduce water in the winter to monthly.

  • Temperature: Prefers average summer temps (65ºF - 70ºF). In winter, some varieties can withstand temperatures down to freezing.

  • Soil: A well-drained succulent mix, with an ideal pH around 6.0 (slightly acidic).

  • Fertilizer: Feed with a controlled-release fertilizer in the beginning of the season or weekly with a weak liquid solution. Use a balanced 20-20-20 fertilizer at 1/4 strength on mature plants, and a fertilizer with less nitrogen on young plants.

Diopogon stramineus, Diopogon velenovskyi, Jovibarba velenovskyi, Sempervivum brassaii, Sempervivum kopaonikense, Sempervivum patens, Sempervivum stramineum, Sempervivum transsilvanicum, Sempervivum velenovskyi