Baby's-breath Elegans white - 50 seeds

Baby's-breath Elegans white - 50 seeds

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Gypsophila elegans is a simple, single gypsophila which could not be more different to the twee, top-heavy double form. This makes a wonderful filler flower in the garden and vase.

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Just cover the small seeds, and thin or space to 15-20cm (6-8″). Crowded plants bloom better.

Note that the Baby’s Breath one associates with bridal bouquets is grown in very controlled settings, and harvested with precision just as the flower buds begin to open. This is the same flowering plant, but it is difficult to predict exactly when the plants will be bouquet-ready. To grow for summer weddings, direct sow large amounts at regular three week intervals starting in early spring when there is still a risk of frost. That would be mid-March here on the coast. Keep plants relatively crowded. This is the only way to ensure that at least some of your Baby’s Breath will be at its peak for your special event.