Drosera capensis (Cape Sundew) - 20 seeds

Drosera capensis (Cape Sundew) - 20 seeds


Drosera capensis is a free-flowering, robust, carnivorous, evergreen perennial, of varying height, but usually around 150 mm. The short, woody stems are rhizomatous below with well-developed roots.

The leaves radiate from the stem and are made up of a petiole and lamina, the petiole being almost the same length as the lamina. The lamina is flattened and bears knob-shaped tentacles, which are stalked, mucilaginous glands covering the leaf surface. Dense fringes of tentacles occur on the margins while fewer and shorter tentacles occur in the centre. The lower lamina surface is smooth and glabrous.

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MPORTANT: Drosera seeds are very very small. Take care when handling.

Drosera capensis is one of the hardiest carnivorous plants to grow. It tolerates a variety of soils which low in nutrients. General growth media, 1 part sand or silica grit: 1 peat or sphagnum moss in 10-15 cm pots are ideal. Place the potted plants in a 1-3 cm saucer filled with fresh water to remain moist at all times. Place in a northern or eastern direction for best sunlight if growing indoors. Grow in full sun to semi-shade outdoors.

The Cape sundew is easily propagated by seed or vegetative means. Prepare a 9 cm pot with growth media, water well. Sow fresh seeds on the surface in moist growth media. Do not cover with soil.

Partially cover healthy living root or leaf cuttings with growth media. Place in a well-lit area but not in direct sunlight. Cover pots with plastic to retain humidity. Once young leaves develop, pierce the plastic to allow for acclimatization and hardening off.

Acidic or epiphytic foliar feed may be used at ¼ recommended strength once a month.