Floss flower 100 seeds

Floss flower 100 seeds

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- Ageratum houstonianum

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Start your ageratum seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before your last frost. Once all danger of frost has passed, take your baby plants outside. Transplant them in a sunny location. Remember, this plant loves to be warm. It will develop slowly unless given plenty of rays from the sun.

If you are using your ageratum as a bedding plant, space your plants about 8 inches apart. As the transplants grow, they will fill in quickly. Taller varieties can be spaced further apart.

Ageratum isn’t very choosy about soil conditions, but it won’t do well with soggy feet. Make sure your soil drains well. And don’t let the soil dry out either. Ageratums quickly wilt if conditions are too dry. Because it prefers warmth over cold so much, some suggest watering an ageratum with warm water as opposed to cold. Especially when the plants are young, warm water seems to speed up the growth process of this plant.