Pencil milkbush - 5 seeds

Pencil milkbush - 5 seeds


Euphorbia mauritanica is a monoecious, spineless, much-branched succulent shrub, about 1.5 m high, with branches arising from a thick root stock. Branches are yellowish green, pencil-thin, cylindrical and smooth, with alternate leaf scars. This plant produces yellow cyathia (the term used for the inflorescence of euphorbias) that are in a compact group at the end of each young branch. The flowering period is in spring, between August and October. When the plant is injured, it produces milky sap at the cut.

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Euphorbia mauritanica has long been in cultivation and can be grown very easily from cuttings taken at any time of the year. It can also be propagated from seeds. Semi-hardwood stem cuttings, obtained from the bottom part of the plant, can be dipped into a rooting hormone to stimulate root growth; then rooted in a well-drained medium (sandy soil). Transplant rooted cuttings into potting soil after three to four weeks. Feed young plants with a granular fertilizer such as 2:3:2 on a monthly basis.

Sow seeds in a well-drained potting soil and place the seed tray in an area with very light shade. Germination takes place between 4 to 8 weeks in warm temperatures. Transplant seedlings into a 50/50 mix of sandy soil and potting soil.