Summer Cypress - 30 seeds

Summer Cypress - 30 seeds


Bassia scoparia is an erect, annual herbaceous plant that forms rounded bushes up to 7 ft (2.1 m) tall. The roots can grow at least 8 ft (2.4 m) deep and can have at least an 8 ft (2.4 m) horizontal radius. It is native to central and eastern Europe and Asia.
The alternate leaves are simple and linear to narrowly ovate with entire margins fringed with hairs. They can be up to 2.2 in (5.5 cm) long. Leaves are sessile or have a very short petiole. The leaves have 1-5 prominent veins. The flowers are held in a spike inflorescence. It is formed by clusters of inconspicuous, green, petal-less, stalkless flowers that grow in the axils of reduced leaves. Flowers bloom from July through October.

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Summer Cypress s a hardy and drought-tolerant foliage plant grown as ornamental as well as a forage plant. It is a quick growing plant that tends to form rounded or pyramid body of dense leaves and branches. Young plants of Kochia are bright green and color but turn red in colder climate as they mature. Thin and finely cut leaves of Kochia add to its ornamental value. It is useful as an accent plant in landscapes and grows in almost any soil (rich, sandy, alkaline, poor, etc.) except very acidic conditions. For this reason, Kochia is sometimes grown at mass level to control soil erosion, and for reclamation or re-vegetation of land.

Kochia scoparia can spread very quickly and become invasive in warm and dry climates where it breaks off from the base and is blown by winds as a tumbleweed. In landscapes and gardens, it can be contained by frequent trimming especially before the formation of seed heads in spring.

Kochia Scoparia contains higher levels of protein and oxalate than most grasses and fodder plants, thus it also serves as a forage crop for livestock. However, high intake of Kochia scoparia can be toxic for most animals, therefore, it should be used sparingly and mixed with other forage plants.

Kochia is fairly easy to grow and does not have any special requirements. Propagated from seeds, Kochia requires bright sunlight and moderate water.