Wallflower mix - 50 seeds

Wallflower mix - 50 seeds


Wallflower (Cheiranthus cheiri) plants are grown from seed. The seed needs light to germinate. Loosen the soil, and sow seeds on top of the ground. Water the seeds in, lightly. Keep the soil moist while germinating seeds. Flower colors: yellow, orange, dark red

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The plant can also be propagated from cuttings in the spring.

Days to Germination: 15-30

Plants will often self seed.The plants prefer full to partial sunlight.

Grow plants in average to rich soil. The soil should drain well.

Soil pH: 5 to 8.

Wallflower does not need a lot of fertilizer. Mix in compost when first planting. Apply a general purpose fertilizer in the early spring, and again in mid-summer.

Wallflower are somewhat drought tolerant. Water plants during dry weather.

After the plants are established, mulch around them, to help keep weeds down, and to retain soil moisture.