Yellow Water Lily - 5 seeds

Yellow Water Lily - 5 seeds


One thing about water lilies that people often don’t know until they raise them is that water lilies are easy to grow. Very easy. They really only require one thing: water. Soil is useful too - many seem to like clay, like you would see in Russia and Siberia, Alaska, the American Midwest, Texas and many parts of Europe. Others like a little bit of sand. However, you can raise water lilies without soil - you can set them down in the water bar-rooted, or in special baskets. Water is the universal, however. It doesn’t have to be very clean water - lilies can tolerate very muddy water

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• They need an open, sunny situation to flower well.

• Use rainwater if possible. Allow tap water to settle for a few days, which gives the chlorine time to evaporate.

• Plant the rhizomes with growing points exposed in baskets lined with hessian. One to two rhizomes are enough as they will multiply rapidly.

• They are heavy feeders that like a rich, clayey soil mix with compost, old manure or bonemeal.

• Slow-release fertiliser tablets are a useful option as they are less likely to encourage algae growth.

• Miniature varieties can grow in water as shallow as 15cm; medium plants need 45cm to 60cm; really vigorous varieties need a depth of 1m.

• Repot every second year if possible to replace the soil mix and divide crowded plants.