Black Hungarian chili - 5 seeds

Black Hungarian chili - 5 seeds


This rare and ornamental chilli pepper plant, with purple flowers, grows in the first stage black pods which later turn to red. In size and shape, they resemble the Jalapeno and taste delicious. The Black Hungarian is an heirloom variety. The green leaves of this plant, which can grow up to one meter, have purple veins

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The heat is very similar to a jalapeño’s spiciness, just with a higher floor and a somewhat higher ceiling. You won’t find black Hungarian peppers – when mature – that are ever as mild as a jalapeño could be, and they can reach the heights of the mildest possible serrano pepper. This is culinary-friendly heat – easily appreciated by even “on the fence” spicy food fans.

Scoville heat units (SHU): 5,000 – 10,000

When young, they age from green to a slightly shiny deep purple to black hue. This darkness is only skin deep; when you slice open the pepper, you’ll discover green flesh and thick green walls in the interior. It’s a surprising colour foil, and it makes young black Hungarian peppers a fun chilli to use fresh, especially if you are into plating aesthetics.

As this chilli ages into maturity, it morphs from dark to a jewel tone red. During the process, the black Hungarian pepper becomes two-toned – shiny black and rich red. They are beautiful to watch as they age.