Black Raspberry - 10 seeds

Black Raspberry - 10 seeds


This species is more often grown for its fruit than ornamentally. Its prickly, wild nature makes it best suited for a wild garden

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Bloom time: May-June; Fruit ripens: Jul-Aug.

Stratify seeds warm for 90 days then cold at 40º F (4º C) for 90 days. Blackcap Raspberry can be vegetatively propagated by cuttings, layering or division.

Its stems are covered by a whitish or bluish, waxy bloom, and are armed with flattened, hooked prickles. Leaves usually have 3 sharp-toothed leaflets with white undersides. Flowers are borne in clusters of 2 to 7; petals are small, white to pink, shorter than the sepals. Fruits are the typical raspberry: a hollow globe-shaped “cap”; but ripe, seedy drupelets are dark purplish black.