Serrano pepperoncini - 5 seeds

Serrano pepperoncini - 5 seeds


Serrano peppers should be started indoors and then moved outdoors three weeks after last frost. You also want to be certain that the temperatures at night have stabilized above 55 degrees. Plant serrano pepper plants in a location that receives a lot of sun and heat; however, note that temperatures too far above 75 degrees can reduce your harvest.

If you are growing your serrano peppers in a container, that container should be no smaller than 3 gallons but the ideal size is closer to 5 gallons. The larger the container size, the lower the likelihood of the pepper plant becoming root bound.

Serrano peppers should be consistently watered to ensure a good yield. Avoid fertilizer with too much nitrogen as this can improve the appearance of foliage but hinder the production of fruit. The right fertilizer will be rich in phosphorous, calcium and potassium.

Consider mulching with black plastic as a way to help the soil retain moisture.

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