Chinese lantern - 25 seeds

Chinese lantern - 25 seeds


Physalis alkekengivar. franchetii is a vigorous, spreading herbaceous perennial to 60 cm high, with ovate green leaves and small white flowers in summer followed in autumn by large, bright orange lantern-shaped calyces, enclosing red fruits, which persist through winter.

This hardy perennial is mainly grown for its edible berries which later develop within red, papery Chinese Lantern calyces. This vibrant autumn display brings a bright splash of colour to fading perennial borders. The stems can be cut to create wonderful decorative flower arrangements

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Grow in any well-drained soil in full sun or part shade, but choose positions with care as it may become invasive; if it spreads where it is not wanted it can be removed by digging out the roots in autumn; the orange "lanterns" can be dried and used in flower arrangements