Fahrenheit Blues Tomato - 5 seeds

Fahrenheit Blues Tomato - 5 seeds


Part of our Indigo series, these extraordinary blue almost black tomatoes will be some of the most unique varieties you have ever grown. They were developed with a traditional selection and breeding techniques at the University of Oregon, beginning in the 1960s from crossing cultivated tomatoes and wild species from Chile and the Galapagos islands. Young fruits, when exposed to sunlight, have indigo-purple skin from the pigment Anthocyanin, naturally occurring in blueberries, which is a powerful and beneficial antioxidant. The fruits are ready to harvest when the skin turns bright rosy red on the bottom, shoulders are indigo shaded and the fruit is soft to the touch.

Produces an avalanche of cherry size, amethyst coloured clusters. A nice balanced tomato flavour with a perfect amount of sweetness and juiciness.

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Start indoors 6–8 weeks before the last frost, plant out 1–2 weeks after the last frost. Requires bottom heat for good germination. Pot up to 3-4” pots when first true leaves develop, bury to first leaves. Gradually harden off in full sun 1–2 weeks before transplanting after the last frost. Transplant out stocky 8 to 10” tall plants. Apply super phosphate for high early yields and to avoid blossom-end rot. Too much nitrogen causes excessive vegetation. If fruit cracks, reduce watering. Indeterminate varieties are trellised, fruit ripens over an extended period. Prune to one leader pinching suckers in leaf axles every 7 to 10 days. Thirty days before last frost prune leaders to ripen remaining fruit. Determinate or bush varieties do not need pruning or trellising. Soil pH 4.3-6.6. Hardiness zones 4. Annual.

Days from maturity calculated from the date of transplant. Average 8,400 seeds per ounce. Federal germination standard: 75%. Usual seed life: 4-10 years. Isolation distance for seed saving: 75-150 feet.

Planting Depth 1/4”

Soil Temp. Germ. 70-85˚F

Days to Germ. 6-10

Plant Spacing 24-36”, 14-20”

Row Spacing 5’, 4’ trellis

Days To Maturity 75

Full Sun, Moist Well Drained