French spinach - 100 seeds

French spinach - 100 seeds


Atriplex hortensis is a hardy, annual plant, with an erect, branching stem, varying in height from two to six feet, according to the variety and soil. The leaves are variously shaped, but somewhat oblong, comparatively thin in texture, and slightly acidic to the taste; the flowers are small and obscure, greenish or reddish, corresponding in a degree with the color of the foliage of the plant; the seeds are small, black, and surrounded with a thin, pale-yellow membrane. They retain their vitality for three years

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Sow seeds around 1 cm deep directly to where you want them to grow, water gently, keep moist during the germination period then thin out as necessary. I've found I can get away with planting them fairly close together in a container if I feed and water them well.

Seedlings will emerge within 14-21 days. Succession plant every 2-3 weeks for an ongoing supply.

It's important to keep plants well watered because they will bolt to seed if they dry out. Also, watch out for slugs and snails that love to munch on the leaves

Full sun/part shade
Tolerates: droughty (better flavor if kept watered), alkaline soil, and salt, moderate frost
Prefers well-drained fertile soils,pH 6.5 /7.5, high organic