Basil Royal herb mix - 50 seeds

Basil Royal herb mix - 50 seeds


The herb of kings combines superbly with roses. Different cultivars vary in leaf shape, scent, and color, from green to deep purple, with blue, white, burgundy, or pink flowers.


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Start indoors or in a glasshouse in the spring. Cover them only lightly with fine seed compost as basil seeds are very small. The seeds need minimum 10 degrees for germination.

Transplant the basil seedlings when they start to produce their second set of leaves. If you grow basil in pots you can plant 5-10  plants into a container.

Watering is often where most mistakes are made. The water requirements for growing basil are relatively slight and once a week watering is more than adequate for the needs of these plants. Overwatered plants tend to rot off.