Parsley Mooskrause - 200 seeds

Parsley Mooskrause - 200 seeds


Nice curled leaves. Very fragarant. Superior herb for flavouring foods and as an attractive garnish.

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Parsley MOOSKRAUSE Petroselinum crispum Has very nice, green curled leaves that can be used to embellish the dishes. In autumn it can be transplanted into pots to be kept in the kitchen for winter use. Sown as a tomato neighbor makes the tomato flavor better. Good neighbors are also onion, radish or turnip. The seed needs 20-30 days to germinate. 

Possibly the most popular herb grown in cooler areas, but also one of the most 'failed' herbs. There are two reasons for this - firstly parsley is not so quick or easy to germinate as many other herbs. Secondly, it does require a reasonably rich soil to perform well.
Once growing well in a good soil, it is, however, a low-maintenance plant. Its leaves are attractive, it can be used both as an attractive garnish and a flavoring for many foods - there are not many people who turn their noses up at a fresh sprig or two of parsley topping a boiled cod steak!
Parsley, especially amongst herbs, can be appreciated at it's most flavorsome when picked fresh from your garden.
Where To Grow Parsley
Parsley needs a rich well dug soil which does not dry out too often. It prefers full sun, but if the soil is good, it will do very well in partial shade.