Red Pepperoncini - 30 seeds

Red Pepperoncini - 30 seeds


To get an early start with your Yellow hot peppers, particularly in the North, cover the prepared bed with a dark colored polyethylene mulch at least a week before transplanting. This will heat the soil beneath and provide a better growing condition for young pepper plants. The mulch will also help the soil retain moisture throughout the season as the plants grow.

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Companion Planting.

If you practice this technique, try planting peppers near tomatoes, parsley, basil, and carrots. Don't plant peppers near fennel or kohlrabi.

Peppers are easily damaged when laden with fruit. For support, tie the plants to stakes using old nylons, which have some 'give' as the stems enlarge. Don't use wire twist-ties or twine which will gradually choke off or even snap the stem.