Slovenian corn salad - 100 seeds

Slovenian corn salad - 100 seeds


Mache is a tender salad green that grows best in cool weather. It is one of the first vegetables to sprout in the spring and makes a very welcome sight. Although it grows wild in many areas and has its share of common names, there are several mache varieties that have been bred for backyard gardening, with larger leaves and sweeter flavors. Seed is becoming much more readily available, even for named varieties.

The common name "corn salad" came about because it had a tendency to grow wild in corn fields.

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Full Sun to Partial Shade. Early in the spring, full sun will help warm the soil and get the plants up and growing. As the days get warmer, the plants will appreciate partial shade, especially in the afternoon.

Mache is usually grown as is an annual. In USDA Hardiness Zones 5 and higher, you can seed it in the fall and it should resume growing in the spring. Either way, it will bolt to seed when the temperatures rise.