Sweet Pepper Purple Beauty - 10 seeds

Sweet Pepper Purple Beauty - 10 seeds


This open pollinated pepper is an excellent choice if you are looking for beauty and high yield! Purple beauty peppers are deep purple in color when ripe, and are easy to grow in almost any climate! Fruit reaches 3 x 3 inches with thick, meaty walls. Sweet, mild flavor. Matures in about 70 days. Average water needs.

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Start pepper seeds indoors in peat pots about 8 weeks before the last expected spring frost. Sow them 1/4" deep and keep the soil at 80-85 degrees F until germination; provide sunlight or a grow light for 12-16 hours a day. When the outdoor temperature reaches 60-65 degrees F during the day and no less than 50 degrees F at night, transplant the seedlings 12-16" apart. Exposing the plants to the weather for several hours a day before transplanting may help prevent shock. Peppers also grow well in containers or raised beds.

Keep the soil evenly moist and weeds under control; mulching the plants may help with this. If excess heat and sun cause the plants to wilt, provide shade.