Aloinopsis rubrolineata - 20 seeds

Aloinopsis rubrolineata - 20 seeds


Aloinopsis rubrolineata is a low, multi-branching, mat-forming mesemb. It will eventually form large caudex in time. The leaves are thick, dark olive green, tongue-like, finely warty and textured. The flowers are bright yellow with red midstripe and appear in winter.

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Growing Conditions

Light: A sunny position brings out the best colors. It should be protected from too much exposure in summer.
Water: Remember not to over-water in the summer when they’re taking their rest. During the winter months, water only when the soil becomes completely dry. Wet soil quickly causes root and stem rot.
Temperature: Aloinopsis will survive mild frost if kept dry. They can tolerate down to about 23 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 degrees Celsius).
Soil: They prefer a very porous potting mix to increase drainage.
Fertilizer: They should be fertilized only once during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer.