Argyroderma ringens - 20 seeds

Argyroderma ringens - 20 seeds


Argyroderma is a genus consisting of over 50 species of succulents in the Iceplant family from South Africa.

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Cultivation and Propagation: Argyroderma is easy to grow. Argyroderma are more forgiving than Lithops of excess water (though it should be rarely given in summer) and thrive in light winter rains in temperate climates and were heading for summer dormancy.

Soil requirements: It needs a very draining mineral, rather acidic, substrate. A mixture comprising 20 % pumice grit, 20% lava grit, 20% quartz grit, 20% coarse river sand and 20 % garden soil seems well suited.

Water needs: Requires little water otherwise its epidermis breaks (resulting in unsightly scars). Water minimally in summer, only when the plant starts shrivelling. But be careful with watering (rot sensitive).

Fertilization: Fertilize moderately during the growing season with diluted high potassium fertilizer.

Hardiness: It is fairly cold resistant and hardy to -5°C (or less if dry) depending on the clone.

Exposure: Need full sun, (with insufficient illumination bodies get thinner as a result of the lack of sun) but keep cool and shaded in summer,

Propagation: Seeds or division of larger clumps. Argyroderma is very easy to start from seed. Seeds germinate in 7-14 days at 21°C. Although they will start from cuttings, it is quite difficult to get them to root. If they start to rot there is usually part of the plant that can be removed and possibly rooted.