Flower of prayer - 20 seeds

Flower of prayer - 20 seeds


Setiechinopsis mirabilis (Spanish = Flor de adoration)

This tiny plant seems much underrated in cultivation, perhaps because it so easy to grow, notwithstanding this, it is one of the most fascinating and showy species. This species is self-fertile and produces a fruit full of seed per each flower. The fruit dehisce  by a longitudinal fissure, and the seeds are also easy to germinate an grow. Flowers are of a superlative beauty, opening in the moonlight on a summer night and lasting for only till dawn, but a number are produced in succession.


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Setiechinopsis mirabilis  is a very small cactus (usually) solitary. The plants are easily grown from seed and providing good cultural conditions they may begin to flower in their second year. 
Stem: Dark brown, cylindrical which seldom grows taller than 15 cm, 2.5 cm in diameter. 
The plants seem to die long before this, and are best replaced with fresh seed-raised ones. 
Flowers:  Last for only one night, but a number are produced in succession.
Blooming season: Summer, the blooms open at sun set and last only a few hours.
The spicy exotic perfume and long, narrow flower tube suggest that the natural pollinator must be a long-tongued moth.
Fruit: Drying at matutrity an opening laterally by a longitudinal fissures, with numerous seed.

Synonyms: Setiechinopsis mirabilis, Echinopsis mirabilis, Arthrocereus mirabilis