Sulcorebutia mix - 10 seeds

Sulcorebutia mix - 10 seeds

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Miniature clustering species (rarely solitary), readily forms clumps of many heads Stem: individual stems 2(4) cm tall, 3(5) cm in diameter. The stem is covered by flat tubercles (5mm wide) which vary in colour between dark green and violet. In older plants tubercles are arranged in up to 16 spiral line merging in the apex.

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Very difficult to find high quality plants of this species in cultivation, S. rauschii loves a very permeable, coarse mineral soil as well as to be strictly kept dry throughout the winter quiescent period since it is very sensitive to any moisture excesses, To prevent rottenness it is also advisable to surround its root neck by very rough sand or grit, this help a fast water drainage and an appropriate air circulation. For its sensitive roots this species is frequently grafted to avoid root problems. Plants grafted on Opuntia compressa are easy to grow and quite frost hardy -5 (-10)° C Watering Needs: Water moderately in the growing season, keep dry during the winter rest Frost Tolerance: Overwinter in a cool place (at 0/10°C) this is important for the flowers as well as for plants health. Without this cool winter period they normally wont get any buds. Sun Exposure: Needs a full sun exposure ( light shadow my be useful in the hottest summer days)

Random quantites: Sulcorebutia canigueralii Sulcorebutia canigueralii var. applanata Sulcorebutia pasopayana (S. canigueralii) Sulcorebutia pulcra (S. canigueralii ) Sulcorebutia rauschii (S. canigueralii) Sulcorebutia rauschii HS121-1 (S. canigueralii) Sulcorebutia rauschii cv. Apple green (S. canigueralii) Sulcorebutia rauschii cv. Violacidermis (S. canigueralii) Sulcorebutia rauschii cv. Yellow spines (S. canigueralii) Sulcorebutia rauschii forma cristata (S. canigueralii) Aylostera zavaletae, Sulcorebutia zavaletae, Weingartia zavaletae, Sulcorebutia rauschii, Weingartia rauschii, Rebutia caracarensis, Sulcorebutia caracarensis, Weingartia caracarensis, Rebutia inflexiseta, Sulcorebutia inflexiseta, Weingartia inflexiseta, Rebutia pulchra, Sulcorebutia pulchra, Weingartia pulchra, Sulcorebutia crispata, Weingartia crispata, Rebutia canigueralii, Sulcorebutia frankiana, Weingartia frankiana, Sulcorebutia vasqueziana, Sulcorebutia alba, Weingartia alba, Weingartia aureispina, Sulcorebutia losenickyana, Weingartia losenickyana, Weingartia ritteri, Sulcorebutia ritteri, Weingartia brevispina, Sulcorebutia brevispina, Weingartia perplexiflora, Sulcorebutia perplexiflora, Weingartia albaoides, Sulcorebutia albaoides, Weingartia pasopayana, Sulcorebutia pasopayana, Weingartia rubroaurea, Sulcorebutia rubroaurea, Weingartia tarabucina, Sulcorebutia fischeriana, Sulcorebutia tarabucoensis, Weingartia tarabucoensis,