Aloinopsis schooneesii - 20 seeds

Aloinopsis schooneesii - 20 seeds


A. schoonesii is not all that common, a bit of a specialist plant. It has a large taproot so it is very resistant to drough. When it is potted up, the plant can be progressively raised over the ground so that some of the roots can be seen and is especially cultivated for their looks. Architecturally it is a real stunner. When the "caudex" shape of the raised roots is adequately in evidence this plant is incomparable.

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Prefer full sun to part sun but, should be protected from excessive heat and sun in summer as it  will redden with more light exposure. Regular water in summer (but always allow to dry out before you water again), keep quite dry in winter. Needs deeper pot and excellent drainage to accommodate the tap root, It can be kept for years in a 7x7 cm pot, and should be repotted only every 2-3 years . It is also perfect for the bright windowsill. Frost hardy to -12° C

Note: It will grow in the cooler parts of the year, and flowers, in winter if it gets good light (direct sunlight is essential to bloom well). It is probably dormant in summer so that it is usually recommended of don't water much in summer and don't be surprised if it doesn't grow at that time, but although Aloinopsis are better treated as winter growers they will anyway grow in summer if given water.