Bowiea volubilis - 5 seeds

Bowiea volubilis - 5 seeds


Common Names include: Climbing Onion, Sea Onion, Zulo Potato

he Bowiea volubilis is an interesting long living perennial bulb. It is generally considered a succulent in the broad sense

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This plant truly thrives on neglect. An old favourite that’s easy to grow and puts on a fanciful display but it took years to acclimate; this is not a plant for the impatient gardener. It likes well drained, organic soil (e.g. use a mixture for cactus  + normal potting soil) and regular watering during the active growing season. Let the soil become rather dry before watering again
Stop gradually watering when the stalk dries out after blooming, in summer or else the bulbs may rot. Start watering when the stalk starts growing again in late winter. ) It can be planted undergrounds, with a thin soil layer on it, or just leave it “on” the ground, it will root anyway, and the chances of getting rot are smaller this way rather than planted undergrounds (although it grows slower). Protect from heat in summer. Light shade to full sun, keep bulb shaded.