Glottiphyllum mix - 20 seeds

Glottiphyllum mix - 20 seeds


Glottiphyllum is a genus of about 50+ species

The name comes from the ancient Greek glottis=tongue and phyllos=leave

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The plants in this genus represent some of the more easily cultivated succulent species. Their main growth period is in late winter and were heading for spring-summer dormancy, but they do best with at least a little water all year. 
Soil: It grows best in sandy-gritty soil and requires good drainage as it is prone to root rot. It can grows outdoor in sunny, dry, rock crevices (protection against winter wet is required) It can also be cultivated in alpine house, in poor, drained soil.
Fertilization: Feed it once during the growing season with a fertilizer specifically formulated for cactus and succulents (poor in nitrogen), including all micro nutrients and trace elements diluted to ½ the strength recommended on the label. 
Watering: Requires little water otherwise their epidermis breaks (resulting in unsightly scars). Water moderately from the middle of summer to the end of winter, and keep the compost almost dry when the plants are dormant (only occasional misting). Water minimally in spring and summer, only when the plant starts shriveling (, but they will generally grow even in summer if given water). If grown in a container, bottom watering by immersing the container is recommended. It must have a very dry atmosphere. 
Exposition: Keep cool and shaded in summer, but provide the maximum light the rest of the year. Remember that a sunny locality is best, otherwise, they will not flower properly.
Hardiness: It prefers a very bright situation and require a minimum temperature 5°C (But will take a light frost and is hardy down to -7° C for short periods if it is in dry soil). USDA zones 9A – 11. In areas prone to frost, grow in an intermediate greenhouse or conservatory, in pots.