Sky plant mix - 10 seeds

Sky plant mix - 10 seeds


Tillandsia ionantha, the sky plant, is a species in the genus Tillandsia

They are acaulescent or sometimes shortly caulescent plants, with a size of 6–8 cm high. The leaves 4–9 cm long; with pods 0.6–1 cm wide, densely patent fabric; narrow triangular sheets, 0.3-0.4 cm wide, dense lepidoto indument, foliaceous bracts; compound inflorescence (of simple appearance due to the reduction of the spikes to 1 flower), with 1-3 flowers, primary foliaceous bracts, much longer than the spikes, floral bracts 3 cm long, longer than the sepals and covering them in the anthesis, ecarinated, inconspicuously nervate, glabrous, membranous, sessile flowers; sepals are 2 cm long, free, the posterior carinate, the anterior ecarinated; purple petals. Capsules are 2.5-4.5 cm long.

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The seeds are sown in mineral-based cat litter (no clumping litter) or perlite (germ-free) in plastic-pots. Please sow the seeds on the mineral soil. Bigger seeds need to be covered with the mineral soil, small seeds should remain on the surface.

Then put the plastic pot in a ziplock bag - with a pot size of 6 cm , a ziplock bag of size 12 x 17 cm is recommended . Fill in the ziplock bag as much tap water with a few drops of universal fertilizer, so that after the absorption of the substrate a few mm of water remain on the bottom. Then close the ziplock bag - Ready!

More watering is not required because no moisture evaporates through the ziplock bag .

Location: on the windowsill or in a small greenhouse in partial shade, daytime temperatures at about 73-83 F, somewhat lower at night at 68-72 F. The resulting micro-climate provides ideal conditions for germination.