Madagascar palm - 5 seeds

Madagascar palm - 5 seeds


- Pachypodium lamerei

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Always pick the sunniest spot you have.


A common mythabout succulents is that they do not need much water

A common myth about succulents is that they do not need much water. It's true they will survive with little water, but they won't thrive if you treat them this way. Water your Pachypodium liberally in the Summer months whenever the soil dries out. In Winter water only sparingly.




The Pachypodium is not a heavy feeder, so you will only need to fertilise a few times a year at most. As always only do it when the plant is in active growth.


Warm. No lower than 10°C / 50°F in Winter.


They take considerable time to outgrow their pots, however you may choose to repot your Pachypodium if it starts to wobble or topple from becoming top heavy. A standard soil mix is fine, but if you want to be extra safe add a little bit of grit to improve drainage. You can do it at anytime of the year, however take care when you do it because the spines can be painful if you grab the stem in the wrong way.