Pseudolithos migiurtinus - 5 seeds

Pseudolithos migiurtinus - 5 seeds


Pseudolithos migiurtinus is a very rare, succulent plant up to 3.6 inches (9 cm) tall and up to 2.4 inches (6 cm) in diameter. The stems are initially spherical, but eventually become more egg-shaped or even columnar as the plant ages. They bear 4 rows of small, truncated stems, from which the flower buds emerge. The flowers are small, starfish-shaped and deep maroon in color.

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Seeds are the only way of reproducing.

Relatively easy to grow, but mistakes are costly. If rot sets in, there is practically no time, nor warning, before the plant turns to expensive mush.
It needs regular watering, especially during the hottest summer days; provide also some light watering if the green house temperatures in winter are elevated. Either excessive or very scarce watering can induce rot.
Frost Tolerance: Winter temperatures must be kept over 10° C. (But it can withstand winter night-time temperatures down to about 5°).
Sun Exposure: It has a great advantage if grown in very strong light, but sheltered from full sun.
Cultural Practices: Provide very good ventilation. It grows quite easily and fast on its own roots. It is not difficult as commonly supposed, but inaccuracies are fatal. If rot starts, the plant will almost inevitably die. This plant is a candidate for under-potting, as long as you keep it watered.